Eli Nicolosi is a proud single father of four children.  All of his children attend Rockford public schools. As a resident of Rockford for over 25 years, Eli and his family are committed to the community and the success of its schools. When he isn’t busy being a devoted dad, Eli Nicolosi enjoys spending time with his kids and drawing. There’s no doubt that Eli is an all-around family man — he’s committed to teaching his children the importance of hard work, dedication, and making the community better.

Despite his hectic lifestyle, Eli Nicolosi always finds time for adventure. Whether it’s taking spontaneous road trips with the kids or exploring new places near home.  Eli loves to discover new things with his family by his side. He lives life to the fullest and never takes any moment for granted — something his four kids are learning every day as they grow up in Rockford. Lucky kids!

All in all, Eli Nicolosi is one lucky guy — with four amazing children and plenty of adventures waiting to be had. We can’t wait to see what Eli and his family do next!  Eli’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to making the community better is admirable and serves as an inspiration for us all. Let’s cheer Eli on from here in Rockford! Go Eli!  Go Nicolosi family! You got this! Good luck out there. We’re rooting for you!  ​

Eli Nicolosi proudly lives in Rockford, Illinois with his four children. Eli is a true believer in the power of community and works hard to make his hometown a better place. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and exploring new places. Eli also has a passion for music and often finds himself drawing or playing guitar with friends. Eli has an understanding that life is precious and should be appreciated; something he shares daily with his kids as they learn to appreciate all that this world offers them. Eli’s commitment to making the world a better place for future

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