★ ★ Proud to Be Active in Our Great Community! ★ ★

This is where I’ve chosen to raise my family and has always been my home.

I consider myself an optimist (even in Illinois) – so I will continue to step up and serve my community!


Once Again, Springfield Fails To Put Us on the Map

Two weeks ago, late on a Friday night, the majority party in Springfield sprung a brand new state legislative map upon legislators. The map was cooked up behind closed locked doors with only a handful of mapmakers.  After version one ruminated for a few days, a new version of the map is now going...

Minimum Wage Increase Is Bad Economic Policy

You can find this article published with the Rockford Register Star here. The Democrats in the Illinois Legislature are planning to raise the minimum wage through legislation that will mandate an eventual $15 level. The new Governor is endorsing that legislation and will likely sign it into law....

Focused on Jobs

Working together to improve the economic development of a district that has seen very little development in decades is a top priority.   A strong economy helps attract new people, thus keeping taxes low and reducing crime.



I am here by the grace of God alone and feel very blessed in my life.  I may not always succeed, but do my best to keep remembering the simple concept that Christ died for our sins and try to love everyone around me – no exceptions.


I will work hard to encourage our government to live within our means – thinking outside the box to cut unnecessary spending and lowering taxes to encourage business growth.


Open & Transparent

As a web designer, it is easy for me to use online platforms and social media to reach out to you.  Using these tools, I will keep you in the loop, be available when you need me and continue to fight for greater transparency in government.

Small Business Owner

For more than 20 years,  I have successfully owned and managed Astute Web Group, a web design Internet Marketing firm serving a variety on industries in Rockford, Illinois.