Let’s Bring Faith, Family & Fiscal Responsibility Back to Illinois!

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My Priorities Are:

Conservative Values

Eli will work hard to make our government accountable with their spending. He’ll propose creative ideas for cutting unnecessary spending and lowering taxes so we can entice more businesses into moving here, instead of moving out.


The time has come for our community to work together. It’s been decades since we’ve seen any economic development, and the jobs that it provides are needed now more than ever before. We must take action by voting in new officials who will fight for this and keep our taxes low!

Faith & Family

Eli believes we are here by the grace of God alone, but that does not mean he has been spared from hardship. Life has thrown him a lot and challenged his faith more than once. In these moments, it is important to remember the small things and what you are most grateful for.



Eli is an expert on social media who knows the ins and outs of the industry. He’ll make sure to keep in contact with you and will fight hard on all transparency matters – ensuring our state continues to be stable through these turbulent times.


As a business leader in the community, Eli understands the importance of lowering taxes so that more people can have access to opportunities – especially those who want to go after opportunities and create their own companies.

Draining the Swamp

It’s time to clean house in Springfield and take down politicians who are only interested in keeping their power.  We need fresh faces with new ideas – not more fear-mongering or propping up bad ideas that affect the lives of our families and friends.

Once Again, Springfield Fails To Put Us on the Map

Two weeks ago, late on a Friday night, the majority party in Springfield sprung a brand new state legislative map upon legislators. The map was cooked up behind closed locked doors with only a handful of mapmakers.  After version one ruminated for a few days, a new version of the map is now going...

Minimum Wage Increase Is Bad Economic Policy

You can find this article published with the Rockford Register Star here. The Democrats in the Illinois Legislature are planning to raise the minimum wage through legislation that will mandate an eventual $15 level. The new Governor is endorsing that legislation and will likely sign it into law....

The New Illinois 35th Map

Interested in what counties the new Illinois 35th District covers?