Welcome to Eli Nicolosi Illustration & Design, Inc., where we offer Illustration, Web, and Graphic Design services from Rockford, Illinois.

Eli Nicolosi is the person behind Eli Nicolosi & Design, Inc. and Astute Web Group. He’s really good at making cool websites, awesome drawings, and amazing designs, and he works super hard on every project.

Eli lives in Rockford, Illinois, and he helps all kinds of businesses, not just nearby but also in other places around the Midwest. He loves making things look great and making people like them.

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re already famous, Eli wants to help make your stuff look awesome. From making websites that catch your eye to creating logos that stick in your mind, Eli’s work is always super cool and makes people go “wow!”

Eli isn’t just a designer; he’s an artist who tells stories with his drawings and designs. He’s really humble and always tries his best to make things perfect.

At Eli Nicolosi & Design and Astute Web Group, they focus on making things that make you feel something. Whether it’s making websites easy to use, drawing pictures that make you smile, or creating logos that make you remember, Eli’s work is full of fun and meaning.

Living in Rockford, Eli gets lots of ideas from the cool things around him. He works with all sorts of businesses, big and small, making each project special with his passion and hard work.

Eli Nicolosi & Design is here to help bring your ideas to life. They work with you from the start to the finish, making sure everything looks just the way you want it to.

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Eli Rockford IL, Creative Director of Astute Web Group

Eli Rockford IL, Creative Director of Astute Web Group

Eli Nicolosi is the creative director of Astute Web Group in Rockford, IL. He is a passionate web designer and entrepreneur bringing years of experience in web development, design, and marketing. With a strong career path, Eli Rockford has established himself as a...