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Welcome Team Nicolosi!

It is an honor and privilege to serve as the Winnebago County Republican Chairman and I am grateful for the support and friendship I get from great Republicans across our state and nation. I truly appreciate all that you have done to help elect our fantastic Republican candidates in our community and look forward to this cycle being full of success at the ballot box.

As petition circulating begins this winter I am counting on you to help me get on the ballot and then to get your family and friends out to vote in the upcoming PRIMARY ELECTION on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. Our goal is to gather and submit 2,000 signatures – the maximum required by the State of Illinois.

The first day to circulate petitions is Thursday, January 13, 2022. Directions for petition circulators and signers are included in this packet. As you know, getting on the ballot is the first step to winning the election. To do that, I need you to start circulating petitions immediately. We’ve all seen campaigns where people waited to get going with petitions, and that ends up with a mad scramble in bad weather trying to hit the goal. Let’s get moving right away, and get this project behind us before we’re right up against our March 1st deadline.

As you circulate, please make sure your friends & family know why you support me. Here is some helpful background:

  • I am a husband to Jen, and father to our four children, twins Luciana and Bianca, son Gianni, and daughter Francesca. Family means everything to me.
  • I am a Catholic who tries to live every day honoring God.
  • I am 100% Pro-Life and will not endorse any candidate who opposes this.
  • I have served on the Winnebago County Board, am the current Chairman of the Republican Party in Winnebago County, and have donated my time, treasure, and talents to numerous charitable causes throughout our great community.
  • I believe in term limits.  And just to be specific so there is no confusion – one census map cycle.
  • I have owned and grown my business, Astute Web Group, for over 20 years.

Thank you again for answering my call for help! It takes a constant effort from volunteers like you and your support is crucially important. Keep up the great work, share our message, and together we will win a huge victory for common sense governance in Illinois. Together, let’s fire 30-year incumbent Dave Syverson and make the change in Northern Illinois we need!

With gratitude,

Directions for Circulating Eli Nicolosi’s Petition:

  • To circulate this petition, you need not have voted in a previous Republican Primary and may even have voted in a Democrat Primary or not even have voted in a primary at all.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age and a U.S. citizen. However, if you are 17 years old, a U.S. citizen, and will be 18 by the date of the General Election, you may also circulate this petition.
  • You must, without exception, personally, witness all signatures made on this petition.
  • You may sign your own petition if you are a registered voter within the 16th Congressional District.
  • You may pass this petition anywhere in the 35th Illinois Senate District.
  • You may not circulate petitions for more than one political party.
  • Petitions with fewer than 10 names do count. If you are not able to fill an entire petition, send in the partially completed petition. Each signature counts!
  • If you learn a signature is not valid, do not worry. Bad signatures do not knock out other good signatures or invalidate a petition. HOWEVER, known bad signatures should be brought to the attention of the campaign, so that they can be properly deleted. A circulator who recklessly and routinely disregards the signature-gathering rules may have an entire sheet stricken even though some signatures are valid.
  • You must sign as the circulator of the petition before a Notary Public that is licensed in Illinois and the Notary Public must affix his/her seal or stamp. Most banks and libraries will notarize free of charge. Under no circumstances should you sign your circulator’s affidavit if you are not before a notary.
  • DO NOT number the petition page. 


Directions for Signing Eli Nicolosi’s Petition

  • You must be a registered voter in the 35th Illinois Senate District. You need not have voted in a previous Republican Primary and may even have voted in a Democrat Primary or not even have voted in a primary at all.
  • You must sign your name as you are registered to vote. For example, William E. Jones, not Bill Jones.
  • DO NOT use ditto marks for any part of an address or county.
  • You must use the address where you are registered to vote. Post Office boxes are not acceptable unless that is your official voting address.
  • You MAY NOT sign petitions for candidates of more than one political party in the same election.
  • You cannot sign another member of your family’s name on a petition.
  • Return completed petitions by February 28, 2022, to:

    Nicolosi for Senate
    6740 Newburg Road
    Rockford, IL 61108