Eli Nicolosi on the Issues

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ETHICS: Sending a message to Springfield - Enough is Enough.

First and foremost, I support term limits. The Illinois Legislature has recently adopted term limits for leadership positions, but these are rules, not statutes. I would support codifying into law term limits on leadership and chairmanships and term limits on elected members of the Illinois House and Senate. There are too many politicians in Springfield who have grown out of touch with their constituents.

I also support banning legislators from lobbying jobs in Springfield or sitting on boards of corporate entities. There are too many former legislators who are now working for entities that supported their campaigns during their terms of office. There are also legislators who sit on boards of hospitals, corporations, and other industries who have interests in Springfield and the legislature that directly or indirectly impact them. Legislators should represent their constituents, not special interests.
FAITH & FAMILY: Through God I Can Do Anything.

I know what it’s like to be knocked down and get back up – especially when running against a 30-year incumbent!

Time and time again I have done this throughout my life because I believe we are here through faith and by the grace of God alone.  I am thankful for the support of all of my family & friends, and proud that I have not been spared from life’s hardships. This is why my faith is so important to me and truly makes me a better man and who I am.

In these moments, it is important to remember the small things and what you are most grateful for.

“Commit your way to theLORD; trust in Him, and He will act.” – Psalm 37:5, ES

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: My Opponent's Tax Hikes are Bad for Businesses and families.

Over the past three decades, Illinois’ financial position has declined to the point where Springfield politicians celebrate moving a notch above junk bond status on our credit rating. We need to cut state spending and regulation and grow our economy so that our people have opportunities rather than just debt.

I am opposed to raising taxes. It is proven that tax hikes have an adverse effect on our state economy, making us less competitive for jobs and expansion. In 2011 a lame-duck session of the legislature passed a tax increase with the promise that it would solve our budget shortfalls and improve the state’s financial position. The Illinois legislature immediately grew the budget and spent more money while our debts and obligations continued to climb.

My opponent, Dave Syverson has voted to raise taxes in Illinois time & time again.

Here are just a few examples of tax increases he has been dishonest about:

GOVERNMENT CONSOLIDATION: Illinois leads the nation in units of government with 8;923.
There is simply too much overlap in government services in our state.  We should look into consolidating some of these entities to give relief to the taxpayer.
Illinois has the largest number of government entities of any state in the union. In fact, there are so many levels of government that the United States Census of Governments estimated that there were 6,918 and a separate said there were actually 8,923. All of these entities have the ability to levy taxes and almost all of them have accumulated billions of dollars in reserves and tens of billions of dollars in debts.
These layers of government also are loaded with redundancies and inefficiencies. In Wheeling Township voters voted to get rid of their highway department. The Township only had responsibility for a total of eight miles of roads but had an elected Road Commissioner and a full staff, equipment, and supplies. The roads are now being taken care of by other government entities and the redundancies are gone.
Not enough has been done here in Illinois about consolidation. Taxpayers are footing the bill for a lot of waste and cronyism. The elected officials are always trying to defend their turf and maintain their fiefdoms while taxpayers suffer through taxation from a dozen directions. The Wheeling Township highway Commissioner hired a lawyer at taxpayer expense to fight the referendum.
The ripple effect of all of this waste involves huge numbers of government-funded pensions and tax levels that become a hurdle to economic development.
While some government entities and Townships need to exist because they may be the only entity available to solve problems, the Illinois Legislature and local elected officials need to dust off all of the old studies that were done to look into finding ways to eliminate unneeded units of government.
JOBS & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Attracting New Businesses With Over 20 Years of Marketing Experience.

Voters in Northern Illinois want someone who will fight for jobs. That’s why, if elected to the Illinois Senate, I will make it my top priority to create and keep good-paying jobs in the area!

Too many middle-class families are struggling to make ends meet, and I believe that by growing our economy we can provide more opportunities for hardworking people. I’ll use my 20 years of experience owning a business to work with different organizations to create an environment that is conducive to job growth.  I will also use my experience in municipal marketing to help attract new business to our region.  I’ll push for more investments in training and education for our workforce so that our residents have the skills they need to compete for better wages and even better jobs.

If you’re looking for a fighter who will stand up for Northern Illinois, then I ask for your vote.  I will fight for the change that our region needs.  We can help rebuild our middle class and ensure that everyone in our state has a chance to succeed!

PRO-LIFE: I'm 100% Pro-Life and Will Never Endorse Abortion Advocates.

I am 100% Pro-Life. Period.

This includes never endorsing elected officials who push pro-abortion policies.

In 2017, Democrats pushed a new abortion bill with virtually no restrictions through the last day of the last month of pregnancy.  It was an abominable bill pushed by Chicago Democrats who were excited about using their new supermajority power in the House and Senate.

As a member of the Winnebago County Republican Central Committee, we publicly and harshly criticized fellow Republican and then-Governor Bruce Rauner when he signed H.B. 40 providing for taxpayer-funded abortion in Illinois. This is in contrast, to my opponent, 30-year Senate incumbent Dave Syverson, who publically backed Rauner – after H.B. 40 over challenger Pro-Life candidate Jeannie Ives.

Disturbingly, Syverson then went on to tell the local media that Ives was “Madigan’s Favorite Republican” to dissuade votes.

SOURCE: https://www.rrstar.com/story/opinion/columns/2018/02/07/rauner-syverson-freaked-out-by/15292018007/

PUBLIC SAFETY: Stop the War on Police.
If elected I would immediately move to repeal the so-called “Criminal Justice Reform” that has made us less safe and criminals safer. We all have seen the stories of murders and robberies that have been committed by people who should have been in jail. Our criminal justice system in Illinois has been “reformed” by social justice warriors who not only advocate for criminals but want them to be able to vote too.
Our system needs to punish offenders and work to “reform” criminals into productive members of society. I would support efforts at rehabilitation and transitioning for those who have served their time in prison and want to turn their lives around.
PUPPY MILLS: I Will Fight to Keep Puppy Mills Out of Pet Stores in Illinois.

Illinois is one of many states that have passed a law banning the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores. Puppy mills are commercial breeding facilities that prioritize profit over the welfare of their animals. The dogs kept in puppy mills are often confined to cramped, dirty cages and denied basic veterinary care. As a result, they often suffer from health problems and behavioral issues.

The puppy mill industry is cruel and inhumane, and it’s great that Illinois has taken a stand against it. However, the pet store industry is fighting back. They are trying to reverse the law and allow puppy mill dogs to be sold in pet stores once again. They are spending a lot of money lobbying lawmakers and fighting public opinion.

Sadly, this includes buying the support of some sitting legislatures and why I choose to run… It’s important that we don’t let them!

TERM LIMITS: Get MORE Done in LESS Time with Nicolosi

Throughout my years of service on the County Board, I have consistently supported term limits on all levels of government – including state legislators in Springfield.

Specifically, at the state level, I support 1 map cycle for Senators in Illinois, this gives the voters 3 opportunities to vote them out if they don’t like them, but enough time to get things done and move on in service as our founding fathers intended.

I think we can all agree – 30 years is too long for anyone and Republicans now have a choice at the ballot box.