First and foremost, I support term limits. The Illinois Legislature has recently adopted term limits for leadership positions, but these are rules, not statutes. I would support codifying into law term limits on leadership and chairmanships and term limits on elected members of the Illinois House and Senate. There are too many politicians in Springfield who have grown out of touch with their constituents.

I also support banning legislators from lobbying jobs in Springfield or sitting on boards of corporate entities. There are too many former legislators who are now working for entities that supported their campaigns during their terms of office. There are also legislators who sit on boards of hospitals, corporations, and other industries who have interests in Springfield and the legislature that directly or indirectly impact them. Legislators should represent their constituents, not special interests.


Over the past three decades, Illinois’ financial position has declined to the point where Springfield politicians celebrate moving a notch above junk bond status on our credit rating. We need to cut state spending and regulation and grow our economy so that our people have opportunities rather than just debt.

I am opposed to raising taxes. It is proven that tax hikes have an adverse effect on our state economy, making us less competitive for jobs and expansion. In 2011 a lame-duck session of the legislature passed a tax increase with the promise that it would solve our budget shortfalls and improve the state’s financial position. The Illinois legislature immediately grew the budget and spent more money while our debts and obligations have continued to climb.

If elected I would immediately move to repeal the so-called “Criminal Justice Reform” that has made us less safe and criminals safer. We all have seen the stories of murders and robberies that have been committed by people who should have been in jail. Our criminal justice system in Illinois has been “reformed” by social justice warriors who not only advocate for criminals but want them to be able to vote too.
Our system needs to punish offenders and work to “reform” criminals into productive members of society. I would support efforts at rehabilitation and transitioning for those who have served their time in prison and want to turn their lives around.