Communication & Cooperation

The community is first and foremost to me.  I believe not only is it important for my fellow Republicans to come together to achieve our goals, but reaching across party lines in good faith is crucial to the growth of Winnebago County.  Quite frankly, I have a wide variety of friends and that won’t stop in politics either.  We’re all in this together after all.

Fiscal Conservative 

Part of my success in running my own business is knowing how to think creatively when it comes to spending money.  As a member of the Winnebago County Board, I will always challenge any dollar spent the same way I do for my business.

Service & Ethics

It would be my honor to serve the people of Winnebago County if given the opportunity.  I feel strongly that a man cannot know himself without being a servant to others through the grace of God.  I know this is typical for someone running for office to say, but none the less I feel strongly about that and doing what is right for the community.  I will do all I can to take a stand when there are wrongs and uphold my principles to the very best of my abilities.

Creative Thinking

I am where I am because of a favorite saying of mine – “Think Better” – and that’s what you will get with me.  Be it new ways to improve the County’s website, better access to public records online, or integrating more social media, I’ll be pushing for new and better ideas every day.